Leonard House

Leonard House, Park McDondald Architecture, 2015


Built in 1959, this four bedroom, four bathroom modern house with a dated renovation, was being sold as a fixer. When our clients saw it, they immediately knew they wanted to live there, but only after making a few changes. This included taking down walls that originally made a kitchen, a laundry room and family room. Left with one large space, they were able to build a kitchen and dining banquette that is now central to the home. The new laundry room went into an old darkroom left by the previous owner. A former studio upstairs became the new family room and home office. The other change, which was to remodel only the master bathroom, slowly grew to include all bathrooms. Lastly, they knew the house needed new finishes throughout. Nine months after purchasing the house, our clients moved into their Brentwood neighborhood home of their own. The clean lines of the architecture are honored with a simple palette of materials: vein cut travertine floors, honed granite countertop, teak veneer cabinets, statuary marble countertop, oiled walnut floors, black and white ceramic tiles, white and graphite paint.